1. Can I still send in paper-form reimbursement forms?

No, as of Summer Semester 2021, an application for a refund of the semester ticket is only possible online. Applications in paper-form will no longer be accepted. The only exception is the application case "health situation" either outside the application period or during the online application retrospective for the past semester.

2. Is non-presence teaching during Corona times a reason for requesting reimbursement?

No, since the semester ticket is valid 24/7, i.e. also during free time and not only on the way from home to university and back home, a refund is, unfortunately, not possible. Only one of the listed reasons for application can be reimbursed.

3. I have not validated my student ID for the current semester, do I still have to send it?

Yes, because a virtual check mark must be placed on the ID card so that a semester ticket for the current semester is not printed when the campus card is printed. We will gladly validate the campus card for the current semester for you.

4. The semester ticket from the previous semester is still deleted on my student ID, do I have to send the ID then as well?

Yes, because the deletion is always done by semester separately. If the ticket is printed for the current semester, it will be visible again. Thus, the virtual check mark must be set again and the card validated - then the current validity period is printed without the semester ticket. But for this we need the original campus card.

5. How do I send the campus card?

You can choose between a standard letter or an "Einschreiben" (so: standard or postage paid) for sending the campus card.

6. is the campus card insured when sent by mail?

Only if you send your campus card as a "registered letter standard", the card is insured up to 25 EUR in case of loss and up to 20 EUR in case of a "registered letter Einwurf". There is no insurance coverage for a standard letter. If the card is sent as a registered letter, the Student Service Center may waive the reissue fees if the letter is lost and the campus card needs to be reissued.

7. Does the AStA assume liability in case of loss of the campus card?

No, we do not assume liability in case of loss. Therefore, we also recommend sending it as a trackable letter and, because of insurance coverage, preferably as registered mail i.e Einschreiben.

8. Which envelope is needed to send the campus card?

It is sufficient to send the campus card in a standard DIN C6 or DIN long envelope or to enclose such a return envelope. Please do not use DIN A4 envelopes!

9. I have been informed that my proofs are not sufficient or suitable for the application reason - do I have to submit a new application now?

No, because you can change the proofs and upload new proofs via "My application" and entering the application data. Please also note the information on uploading.

10. I don't have a contract as proof for my internship yet, what now?

For the application reasons "stay abroad or internship or thesis outside the area of validity of the semester ticket" we list examples of what the proofs for the individual reasons could be. If, for example, you do not yet have a contract with the company in which you would like to do your internship, a confirmation from the company or the department is also sufficient. For stays abroad, a confirmation from the respective International Office is usually sufficient. As relevant information we need: Where does everything take place or where are you assigned (address of the company/ foreign university)? How long does it last (period of the internship/ thesis/ stay)?

11. Why has my study card not been sent back yet, although the status is "received" or "proof complete "?

We will send the study IDs back (as long as a self-addressed and stamped return envelope is enclosed, of course) when the application has been processed. If the application is immediately complete, this usually happens quite quickly, otherwise the ID card remains in the AStA until, for example, the missing proofs have been uploaded. If the application is processed, you will see this in the status, as well as when your student ID is returned. Then you will receive an e-mail with the information of the return. The sooner your application is complete, the sooner your ID card will be returned to you.

12. Do I need the application number for anything?

For us and the processing the application number serves the clear identification of your application, e.g. if it is not yet complete. Therefore, it is helpful for us if, for example, you simply enclose a small note with the number when you send us your campus card. Or if you write an email to us because of possible problems, please mention the application number in the subject line.